Inca Home Founder Story - Tracy Riley

I’m Tracy, founder and curator of Inca Home gift shop, East Brisbane.

I started Inca Home early in 2021; after the year 2020, I felt it was important to showcase local, Australian Made makers and creators. After working for years with my husband Chris on his art business, an opportunity arose to open my own gift store right next to my husband’s studio!

I first visited Australia in 2013 to see new parts of the world and explore somewhere incredibly different to my home in the UK. I soon fell in love with the country; and an Aussie bloke named Chris. After spending two years in Australia, I briefly returned home to pack my things and move here for good.

I quickly gained an appreciation for Australian makers and creators; with their unique style and creativity, I sought out Australian Made products for myself wherever I could. Now, discovering local Australian Made products for my gift shop Inca Home is my new passion! I love sharing local makers, creators, and artists with my customers.

After the year 2020, I feel it is more important than ever to support small scale local makers and creators. With all the challenges that arose last year, I think 2021 will be a great year for creativity and local crafts people.

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